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Twin Creeks Press is a small publishing house that specializes in fiction, poetry, and photography. We also offer consulting services in the niche area of research advancement.

Small presses play a vital, absolutely essential role in today's literary scene. They offer new and up-and-coming writers and artists that all important initial step of getting their first book published and in the hands of readers. The owner of Twin Creeks Press bring 40 years of experience in the publishing business to finding and publishing fine works in a quality format. We believe you will agree that we have achieved that goal once you purchase and explore one of our books. 

If you are a writer or artist, we accept manuscripts at any time during the year. Our editors will choose only the best for publication. Twin Creeks is not a vanity press, but by the same token we operate on a small budget with a very narrow margin and we have no marketing system except this website and Amazon.com. It is up to authors to promote their own books by obtaining reviews and giving readings. Twin Creeks will arrange for one review by The Midwest Review, which offers reviews of small press editions. Print-on-Demand services make small press publishing possible. That does not mean, however, that we compromise on quality. We ensure excellent volumes. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically to editor@twincreekspress.com. 

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